Monday, February 6, 2012

Cartier Baiser Vole

Cartier’s newest women’s fragrance, Baiser Volé, has all the alluring components that make me want to pick up a perfume and smell it. The bottle is so classic and elegant and the silver top flips up like an old Zippo lighter, the perfume is a pretty pale blush color and the name translates to "stolen kiss."
The scent is devoted to all things lily. The top note captures the greenness of the lily leaves, the middle is the floral of the petals and the base is the pistil, which is powdery and delicate. This isn’t like any other lily scent, which are generally really light and sweet or heavy, cloying and almost syrupy. Baiser Volé is a powdery lily that dries to take on a little bit of spice in the dry down, before becoming too old lady.

And ladies, eight out of ten men say the Lily is their favorite flower! 

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